Happy 75th Anniversary to all fellow Indians, renew your vows of 1947 and rejoice, this is a celebration of our making and not of this Government. To me, the enjoyment and pride are based on the selfless struggle of countless people who have gone through it, being of various shades and thoughts, and certainly our revolutionaries who have embraced the gallows with a smile, but my equal disgust is for those who have consistently betrayed the struggle but do feign as freedom fighters to unrightfully suggest commoners for ‘har ghar tiranga’.

My personal enjoyment is rather muted when I recollect the thoughts that were part of the epic freedom struggle, especially from the early twentieth century. While the mainstream thoughts had articulated that independent India should be a secular democratic Republic, the Socialists and Left, went further to envision the economic freedom of the individual. Independent India adopted the Indian Constitution under the able guidance of the then best intellect of the country, whom I label as the Founding Fathers, and which our political system should be functioning since then.  The four foundational pillars upon which this Constitution rests are the Executive, the Legislature, the Judiciary, and the Press- Each one of these has come under severe strain.

The Central government has discarded the inclusive agenda to promote the divisive RSS agenda, with a systematic attack to destroy the foundation pillars. Collecting donations in the most retrograde manner and using them with the sole purpose of trampling elected Governments, procuring expensive software to spy on its own people, accompanied by a continuous process of communal and racist polarisation through murderous attacks of individuals and policing squads are all reflections that remind us of the fascist rule of Europe. Nazism, an ugly manifestation of nationalism, is the new mantra of the rulers.

Election Commission, the Judiciary with Universities, and research bodies are being penetrated by RSS personnel in order to sharpen communal polarization and rewrite history. All such actions are a confrontation with the thoughts of our founding fathers. There is virtual control by the central government of the official media to ensure that only the RSS narrative is propagated. Mohammed Zubair, Siddique Kappan, Teesta Setalavad and so many others languished or are languishing in jail and Father Stan Swamy ended his life inside the bars for no reason but for not paying obeisance to RSS.

These are a few of the numerous instances of my muted response to the Government’s dictum. Democracy in India has been hacked and the inclusive culture that was forged in the Constituent Assembly is being insidiously rewired, as we are witnessing today. Only Indian patriots can overcome this challenge and take India forward.

Jai Hind!

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