I am not a fool to commit that my writings are beyond arguments and they are necessarily above board. My predilections have reasons and  from a personal perspective that has been built over time.

As EH Carr writes- “ When we attempt to answer the question ‘What is history?’ our answer, consciously or unconsciously, reflects our own position in time, and forms part of our answer to the broader question what view we take of the society in which we live.

Although we need to analyze from all aspects including the contemporaneous people who lived during the period under study, the subaltern as well as multitude of schools of history like Annales School or the Marxist school are different views of the period and remain good pillars towards objectivity.

An amateur historian like myself, and there are too many, including the likes of Winston Churchill, would dare to peep through events since the inception of human civilization and analyze them and would encourage all others for discussion, without any rancor from any quarters.

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