India’s date of independence was hand-crafted by Rajendra Prasad and an astrologer. When the British agreed to leave the country in 1947, Rajendra Prasad called upon Pandit Vyas to come to the capital and forecast India’s future after independence. Vyas then predicted that India should be declared independent on either 14 or 15 August, as according to astrology, that would help the country in future

The time recommended was 12 midnight that denoted ascendant or rising star. In fact, after the British left India, the Parliament was washed and purified for the Indian leaders.

In the  book, Astrological Journey through History, Mystery and Horoscopes, there is a reference again as to how the Indian politicians had decided to take the midnight of 14th and 15th August, 1947 for the Independence of India.   In 1947, when the English rulers had decided to grant independence to India on 15th August, Hardeoji and Suryanarain Vyas of Ujjain had told Babu Rajendra Prasad, who later became the first President   of India, that astrologically it was not auspicious. When they came to know that the choice of any hour on that day was all the English rulers were prepared to concede, Hardeo insisted that it should be at midnight for three reasons:

By that time the Moon would have entered Pushya Nakshatra, known as a Maha nakshatra in Bengal and, the most favorable nakshatra for a Muhurta.

—It should be at midnight, roundabout the Abhijeet Muhurta, which was calculated thus:  sun-rise on August 15 was at 5-33-31 A.M. Sun-set was at 6. 57.31 P.M. Counted from sunset, the time for the next sunrise would be after 10 hours and 36 minutes, half of which was 5 hours and 18 minutes. If 5 hours and 18 minutes were added to the sunset time we would reach 12 hours and 15 minutes midnight. Twenty four minutes before or after 12.15 midnight would be the Abhijeet Muhurta. That would be the only best time available.

The third important factor was that by that time the lagna rising would be Vrishabha, a fixed sign, which is always favored for foundations   of buildings or, stable independence.

It has been recorded by Sir Woodrow Wyatt that the time of Indian Independence was chosen on astrological considerations but, within the twenty four hours given. The astrologers who advised the government were Hardeoji and Suryanarain Vyas. Yet, until now no Indian astrologer would even mention these names. 

Sir Woodrow Wyatt wrote in May 1988 an article on the central page of the Times, London, “Who Does Not Consult Stars”, and defended   Ronald Reagan, the US President, for consulting astrologers.  There he revealed that Indian astrologers had chosen the time of Indian Independence and that the subsequent history of India was somewhat   more successful   than Pakistan’s, which got dismembered.

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